29 October, 2019


By the end of December 2019, the Webstore at steffcorp will be closed down. If you plan on making any purchases for whats left in stock (it’s running out..), you better make it before then.

I will go back to running steffcorp as a hobby-thing, when time permits. Mainly focused on vintage synth-restaurations and such for now.
All the many modules (and synths) that were in the plans of being made, are still likely going to happen at some point, but as i don’t have the option (economics) to do this full time anymore, i can’t say when the planned stuff will happen. If ever.

The steffcorp modules are made to last a lifetime, both regarding quality of parts, but also feature/design-wise. They are very thought-through and developed/tested beyond whats likely to be considered normal.
This was what i myself was missing when i started out, and i feel I’ve filled that missing piece in the much overcrowded market of today.
Even though i personally still miss a few pieces, they will most likely get made some day. (it really nags me to not be able to offer them yet..)

I’ve received a lot of emails with heart-warming words about the modules over the 7 years of doing this, and it has made me go on a lot further than i thought i could.
What a ride.

Thank you all!  


15 July, 2019

Midsummer sale!

There’s a midsummer sale going on right now. Ending July 31st.
Visit us on Facebook or Instagram to discover the codes for a 20% discount!

7 January, 2019

I have decided to put the DIY-kits on pause for an indefinite amount of time.
This decision is partly due to the lack of time to give the amount of support that follows and partly to my desire to put what little time I do have towards the development of new products.

As I’ve mentioned before: I’m trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and this is a sacrifice I have to make in order to do so.

That said – I hope you’re having a good 2019 so far and thank you for your comprehension!

23 November, 2018

VCF-12 have arrived!

4 October, 2018

Shadows be gone!


20 September, 2018

Production time!

6 July, 2018

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Been busy working on several new modules to be released soon/ish.
The new filter is ready since a few weeks and out with the Beta-testers to give it a run-down.

The delay of it all is due to a major redesign of both the filter and the way to approach the design/manufacturing. Which are now dealt with.

There are a few bumps on the road still before we release the new creations in to the wild however.
Most is dealt with already, but one thing is the sudden lack/out of stock of crucial components.
We seem to be on top of this now though, after finding a good reliable source. (DIY:ers will have the rare parts included, as always)
Next bump, although a pleasing one, is the long awaited Pick & Place Machine. (also delayed because.. reasons)
Seems it will arrive any day now, and we will spend a few weeks tuning it up.
Which means no proper time for building modules.

However, after this is settled, we will be able to offer a lot more in stock, with a faster turnaround. This might also affect future pricing, but that is TBD.

Hope you all are having a great summer so far!

5 March, 2018

Wakka wakka! Now included in all orders.

28 February, 2018

We are proud to announce that our 2600 VCO is now available at the awesome ‘Signal Sounds’ store in Glasgow! They have had nothing but great reviews during their 25 (!) years in the business. As we at Steffcorp ourselves take great pride in service and support, we are super happy about working with Signal Sounds!

30 January, 2018

Now there’s a DIY option for the VCO Modules in the store!


19 November, 2017

Some modest sound examples have started to pop up on our Soundcloud. Check’em out!

6 November, 2017

It took a while, but here it is! A new website.
All creds go to Patrick Goor for setting this up! You da man!

Oh, and the assembled 2600 VCO is up for grabs in the Shop.