This is a eurorack “clone” of the 4020 ADSR/AR used in the ARP 2600.
Other than an added Comparator on the input for it to work within the eurorack standard, some substitutes needed to be done due to the no longer existing parts.
However, great care has been taken to match both the functionality as well as the personality of those parts.

You also have the option to choose a High quality German made panel. Anodised in matte black, with a white printing on top. (very durable)
The anodising is made after drilling, leaving no bare metals vulnerable for any possible current/grounding to be spread.

Regarding the EG, sometimes less options is a good thing. Sometimes you want good results fast.
This is where the Envelarp comes in. With it’s down-to-the-point controls, it can quickly help you dial in your needs without getting stuck in options.
From smacky snappiness to the softest swell, it does all this with ease.
However, even with its “limited” controls, it still offers a great deal of experimentation if you wish.
With a separate input for Gate and Trig, one can create some very interesting results. Especially combined with various Gate lengths.

See the Build-Doc for more detailed info/options regarding the build.

Main controls

  • ADSR & AR


  • Gate & Trig


  • ADSR & AR

Technical details

  • Output about 7.5V
  • Gate/Trig input responds to anything above 2.5V
  • Buffered in & outputs
  • Panel 10HP
  • Depth about 50mm