This is a eurorack “clone” of the 4012 VCF used in the ARP2600.
Some substitutes needed to be done due to the no longer existing parts.
However, great care has been taken to not only match the functionality of those parts, but also that raw power in sound.

You also have the option to choose a High quality German made panel. Anodised in matte black, with a white printing on top. (very durable)
The anodising is made after drilling, leaving no bare metals vulnerable for any possible current/grounding to be spread.

More info soon.

See the Build-Document for more detailed info/options regarding the build.

Main controls

  • Frequency & Fine-tune
  • Resonance
  • Attenuators for Audio & FM inputs


  • 2x Audio
  • 2x FM
  • 1V/OCT


  • Lowpass output

Technical details

  • Buffered in & outputs
  • Power protection
  • Width 12HP
  • Depth about 35mm, depending on choice of components