2600 VCO




The STEFFCORP 2600 VCO is an analogue oscillator with full voltage control based on the 4027-1 ’VCO-2’ oscillator used in the ARP 2600.
It’s not just a copy however, we have gone to great lengths to bring it into the 21th century.
A much needed precision reference voltage was added, as well as buffers and a few other goodies.
Going SMT offered the means of improving the PCB-layout even further, as well as a selection of easy-to-source parts. No more treasure hunts and extravaganza prices.
On top of this, a good bit of time was spent on analyzing and comparing modern parts to find the best matches of the original part specifications.

See the Operation Manual for more detailed info.

For the DIY builders:
Build guide

*The rare parts bag include the 1.8K tempco, Nexperia BC847BPN and the LM3046

README: Our DIY products are the results of the high demand (which is great!) and we try to support builders by providing basic tips and spotting obvious mistakes. However, since we are a small company with lots to do, we cannot guarantee immediate support at all times, and we DO NOT provide schematics.

Main controls:
•  Frequency & Fine-tune
•  PW
•  Attenuators for PWM and FM

•  1V/OCT
•  2x FM
•  PWM
•  Hard Sync

•  Saw, Pulse, Triangle, Sine & Hard Sync

•  10V Precision Reference Voltage
•  Power protection
•  Buffered inputs & outputs
•  Great Tracking
•  FREQ control 0Hz – 10KHz
•  FINE control +/- 6 semitones
•  Power 46mA +12V / 36mA -12V
•  Width 14HP
•  Depth about 40mm

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg

Assembled, DIY